Vincentian Essential Virtues

Vincentians seek to emulate St. Vincent in the five virtues essential for promoting love and respect for the poor:

Simplicity – frankness, integrity, genuineness.

Humility – accepting the truth about our frailties, gifts talents and charism, yet knowing that all that God gives us is for others and that we can achieve nothing of eternal value without His grace.

Gentleness – friendly assurance and invincible goodwill, which mean kindness, sweetness and patience in our relationship with others.

Selflessness – dying to our ego with a life of self-sacrifice; members share their time, their possessions, their talents and themselves in a spirit of generosity.

Zeal – a passion for the full flourishing and eternal happiness of every person.

Vincentian Essential Elements


To bear witness to Christ and to his Church by showing that the faith of Christians inspires them to work for the good of humanity


To bring together men and women of good will and to assist them by mutual example and true friendship in drawing nearer to the Divine Model by fulfilling his essential precept, namely, the love of God in the person of others.


To establish a personal contact between its members and those who suffer and to bring to the latter the most efficacious and charitable aid possible.